Wild Blue Industries is a "one-stop shop" managed I.T. services company based in Midtown Manhattan. We streamline your IT systems for improved business efficiency, cost savings and higher profits. When your staff is productive, your business prospers

We Specialize In Cross-Platform Environments.

+ Experience

With over 20 years of complex network experience on computer networks large and small, the knowledge we’ve acquired means more power for your business.

There are no gray areas in computer network design. It’s either correct or it’s not. Our proven methods for building fast, stable, and secure computer networks ensure that things are done the right way, all the way, in the most efficient manner.


Our 36-point security plan covers every aspect of security for your network, including cloud services, servers, computers, mobile devices, and even your office space. We present the options. You decide what’s best.

Data Integrity

Clients who take our advice enjoy 100% data recoverability. We specialize in building mirrored server systems that are accessible from anywhere in the world, in any circumstance. We constantly monitor our client networks and backup systems to ensure availability.


Wild Blue is more than just a network service company. We’re thinkers and strategists that are deeply invested in our client’s success. Our decades of corporate and small business experience gives us the power to gain clear insights about your company and workflow, and this translates into custom solutions that serve you in the best possible way.


If you can write clearly, you can think clearly. Our written reports and technical writing is unsurpassed. Our reports and Road Maps are thorough and concise so you can get right to the solution and move on to other matters.


We understand the org chart and how to prioritize the needs of your departments. This reduces confusion and leads to more efficient methods and solutions.

Vetted + Discreet

You can’t give your network to just anyone. Our Senior Engineer team has been together for more than 12 years. We’ll never send in a stranger – you’ll have the opportunity to meet our techs before they work on your network.

Private Cloud

“Private cloud is always faster, better and cheaper than any giant shared service”

Wild Blue Industries offers private cloud services in a hardened, secured facility outside New York City. We support data access, databases, web sites, and offsite backup functions. Your private cloud can be configured to use your own firewall to ensure best-in-class encryption and performance on dedicated fiber optic networks…and our racks are only accessible to fewer than ten known technicians. All for less than you’d pay giant cloud services.