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Internet connectivity selection - Network security (SEC and HIPAA standards) - Windows and Mac on the same network
On-site servers and Cloud products - Future-proof network hardware selection - Policies and Procedures
Contingency planning and disaster recovery - Highest quality wiring and wifi products - VOIP phone integrations

Wild Blue Industries is a "one-stop shop" managed I.T. services company based in Midtown Manhattan. We streamline your IT systems for improved business efficiency, cost savings and higher profits.

We Specialize In Cross-Platform Environments.

I.T. At A Higher Level

We’re thinkers and strategists that are deeply invested in our client’s success. Our decades of corporate and small business experience gives us the power to gain clear insights about your company and workflow, and this translates into custom solutions that serve you in the best possible way.

Security +Networking

Our 36-point security plan covers every aspect of security for your network, including cloud services, servers, computers, mobile devices, and even your office space. We present the options. You decide what’s best.


Guaranteed data integrity

Clients who take our advice enjoy 100% data recoverability. We constantly monitor our client networks and backup systems to ensure availability.

When you succeed, we succeed.
Our clients are more to us than just business relationships.
With Wild Blue you’ll find a true partner in the growth of your company


“Forensics begins with strategies and policies that minimize the need for forensics.”

Daniel O’Brien serves as a forensic advisor to New York City attorneys. His computer forensic abilities have been instrumental in winning cases for his clients